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Herbs affect the human body softly and harmoniously. They restore natural process of recovery and support health. This is our series of Herbal tea tonics that we suggest for daily use.
Natural technologies for your health and well-being.


Chaga is a natural biogenous stimulant, meaning, it activates the metabolic process in the body, stimulates work of all the body systems, accelerates rehabilitation processes in organs and tissues, and strengthens the protection against harmful pollutants.

Chaga Tea

These herbal blends consist of powerful roots-adaptogenes that can increase body's resistance to negative environmental influences, improve health and give strength, improve mental abilities, memory and concentration, boost metabolism.

Powerful Roots

The "Russian Ayurveda" series introduces the basic effects of herbs and spices on human's body. Ayurveda says that the state of our body is characterized by complex influence of three doshas consisting of five elements - ether, air, water, fire and earth. When they are in balance, we feel lightness, we are active.

Russian Ayurveda

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